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Versicherungsfachfrau (BWV) & Schadenreguliererin

Philippsruher Allee 21, 63450 Hanau/Germany

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Are You Puzzled by German Insurance?

Hello and good day! 

Today I am happy to introduce myself to you: I am a US citizen and grew up in Germany bilingual. Since 1994 I have been serving the English speaking community re insurances off all kinds. So if you are puzzled by German insurances, gladly I will assist you. Some Embassies already put me on their reference list, because I was recommended from clients to them.....

Knowing that you are interested in attaining fair and reasonable insurance premiums, you can contact me now at 06181-507230   or if you call from USA/Canada please dial 01149-6181-5072530 or you can send me an Email Kim.Marcum@web.de

Be rest assured that I offer great service and will assist you in case you have to file a claim or even cancel your policies when you must leave Germany some day. Also I am happy to inform you, that if you had private health insurance in a foreign country before you came to Germany and earned more than 49,950 € in the past 3 years, that I can still provide you with PRIVATE HEALTH insurance in Germany as well (despite the fact that in general you’d have to join the public health system) not with my health insurance though. If you are Self-employed you are always qualified to obtain private health insurance.

Here is a short overview of ALL insurances I can offer:

=> Health insurance private or supplemental health insurance

=> Income protection plan

=> Life Insurance, Term-Life or Pension Plans
=> Long term disability insurance with life-long disability pension
=> Liability Insurance private and/or business

=> Pet insurances: dog or horse liability insurance and health insurance for dogs, horses & cats,pet pharmacy and food online shop

=> Car, Motorcycle insurance incl. towing services

=> Car or motorcycle value estimation service approx. 20 €

=> Household or home-owners contents insurance
=> Building insurance or financing your new flat or home

 => Do you need a credit for a financing your home, car, boat, PC/Audio/Video/TV, furniture, renovation of your new home?  Or for a credit for your deposit called “Kaution/Deposit” for your rented apartment? Approx. up to € 50,000 possible

=> Legal Protection or online flat-rate for legal advice 

=> Compare electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet fees

=> Disability Insurance, Long term care

=> Or open a German online bank account incl. 2 free Visa Credit Cards. No annual fee charges, no expenses for using the ATM, drawing cash from ATM  or in a foreign country is free of charge!! (Please compare your US credit cards: can run up to 8 %!). Your overdraw credit fee charges are  - 12 % but you will receive + 2,3 % INTEREST rate on your savings

If you need a very cheap way to make international phone calls from your international or German iCELL-Phone from Germany for penny and dimes to USA, Canada, etc land line or cell at the low cost of a local phone-call plus 2 cents? Also you can make these calls when you are calling from USA, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain some for free or 3 cents/minute. Interested? Just send me your email so I can send you the link with the infos…! Currently I have a German cell-phone policy with a flat-rate for landline calls, believe it or not: I can call the USA (cell & landline) for free most of the time – if not the rate will be given to you before you transfer the call….

Should you already have other German insurances? May I have a closer glance at your existing German insurance policies; maybe we can improve and update those policies for you, too. Need a quote? Please feel free to contact me and please be so kind to give me some data beforehand, thank you very much. Am looking forward to meeting you soon - Have a nice day! Kim


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Need a quote? Please feel free to contact me by copy & Pasting these infos I need from you to send you an offer and contact you:


  • How long do you plan on living/working in Germany?____ will you return to you home country or try to work in another country besides of  which you are a passport-holder of?


    O   married                  o Single            o couple       

    Your Full Name                                                                  

    Your birth date



o Employee      

o   Self-employed            


 o  occupation _________________                                  



Name of spouse, wife, fiance, life-partner / occupation                                      

Birth date                    


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Names of your children and aupair                              Birth dates





Your phone home: _______________________________ at work: _____________________


Email: ________________________________________    cell: ________________________


Home address/street / zip town___________________________________________________


Do you rent or own your house / apartment? ______   How many square-metres? _______ m²

o  How many dogs do you own________  Breed? Age? Sex?    

o we have ____   cars ____    motorcycles____

Please leave me a short message, what insurances you are interested in or how I can help you:








Licensed Insurance Agent / Broker  & Adjuster

Mrs. Kim Marcum

Versicherungsfachfrau (BWV) & Schadenreguliererin
Philippsruher Allee 21, D-63450 / Germany
Phone:  06181-5072530   - calling from USA 01149-6181-5072530
Telefax: 06181-5079211  - calling from USA 01149-6181-5079211

celll:    +49-1633598068 - from USA 01149-163-3598068

Email Kim.Marcum@web.de   / Homepage: http://Marcum.Degenia.net/English.html

Please enjoy my Youtube Video "Expatriate Health Insurances

in Europe & other insurances for foreigners living in Germany"



In Germany, health care quality is very high and waiting times to consult specialists or undergo surgery are very rare. Patients can choose their own GP and do not need any intermediary to consult a specialist. Health care costs however are rather expensive and coverage by health care funds is only partial. 

Health care coverage is provided by both public and private health funds. Depending on your situation, you can either choose a public or private health coverage: if your annual gross income is below €48,150, you will need to register with one of the public health funds ("Pflichtmitgliedschaft"). You can choose your own public health fund among a wide range of approved providers. The contribution will be deducted from your monthly salary. For some special care (eye and dental care), public health funds do not provide optimal protection. You can then take out supplementary private health insurance to get a full coverage. 

If your gross annual income is above €48,150, if you are self-employed or unemployed, you may opt for a private health fund. Benefits are almost similar to that of the public system with a most comprehensive coverage offor dental and eye care. Note that with a private health fund, you can adjust your level of coverage and your monthly contributions based on your own health care needs (if you are young, if you do not suffer from chronic diseases, etc..). 

If you're traveling to Germany, you need to take out a private health insurance before departure. An optimal coverage is essential due to expensive health care costs that might arise from accident or serious illness. 

EU citizens are covered in Germany through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). With the EHIC, health related costs in the country will be taken in charge in the same conditions as for German nationals. If you don't have an EHIC, visit your national health fund to get some information before leaving for Germany.

If you need a private health insurance (as required in the framework of the working holiday visa), please contact me at 06181-5072530 or calling from USA or Canada please dial 01149-6181-5072530